Crisis Counselors

The WILEORC Crisis Counseling Corps is there for Officers and family members in immediate crisis. Crisis Counselors are available to those in immediate psychological and emotional distress 24/7. Crisis Counselors are led by Board Member Reverend Casey Sugden. All information is kept strictly confidential; what is said between you and the counselor is not relayed to your department or our Board.

Reverend Casey Sugden is lead Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Pastor Casey has spent substantial time working with the residents of New Orleans who lost everything to Huricane Katrina, working with local outreach groups, and has spent time as a hospital chaplain. When Pastor Casey is not with his congregation, he enjoys hunting and other shooting sports. He has served as WILEORC’s Director of Pastoral Services since the position was created in 2016.

“The WILEORC Crisis Counselors are there for you when you feel like you have no one left to turn to. We are a group of Wisconsin Clergy and trained lay people with no affiliation or accountability to any organization or department and truly have your best interests in mind. We are not mental health professionals, nor are we a suitable replacement for your pastor or priest. We are just people who care.”

Casey can be reached at 262 470-4233 or by email at

Pastor Jonathan Mosier

Jonathan Mosier serves as the teaching pastor of Mercy Hill Church in Hartland, Wisconsin.

In his years with the church he has spent time serving the families of his community through marital and family counseling. He has a desire to help the men and women of the law enforcement community who are struggling with the specific challenges and difficulties of being police officers. In addition to his duties at Mercy Hill, Pastor Jonathan has served on the boards of a women’s shelter and a pregnancy center.

In his free time Pastor Jonathan enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends.

Jonathan can be reached at (262) 361-3686 or by email at