Assistant Director Paul Dilger

web_pdilgerAssistant Director Paul Dilger is a duty-disabled police officer whose career began in 2000 when he began working with the City of Lake Geneva and the Town of Waterford Police Departments. He accepted a position with the City of Burlington in 2001 and then transferred to the City of Brookfield in 2003.

During his time at the City of Brookfield, Paul served as a Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructor as well as a Taser Instructor. It was in 2009 that Paul was involved in a hit-and-run accident, being struck from behind by an alleged drunk driver, as he was walking on foot to investigate a report of a suicidal subject. Paul suffered significant injuries including spinal cord herniations and a traumatic brain injury.

Paul spent almost two years trying to recover from his injuries, until it was determined that he could no longer return to law enforcement. Paul retired in November 2011.

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